Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As carnival comes to a close, all I can say is wow. Mardi Gras has been without a doubt one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Seeing old friends from Emory and spending time with all my new friends here, I felt like I was able to do it all. That being said, I may have to go into hibernation for a while.

We have finally finished up Principles of Pharmacology and Medical Pharmacology. Looking back, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were learning about chemotherapeutic agents in the Neoplasia block. The vast amount of knowledge I have accumulated is both striking and impressive. Now begins the strenuous 15-day period of reviewing for the NBME Shelf Exam.

Working in Dr. Katakam’s lab has continued to be enjoyable and demanding. Learning to think outside the box and use critical thinking for creative problem solving has really challenged me to expand my horizons. Writing my thesis has also been a difficult process, but I am excited and eager to see the finished product in just a few more weeks. As a whole, this semester has been off to a great start.

I have continued my volunteering with KIPP, which I am proud and happy to be doing. I truly have enjoyed my time with the staff, and hope to continue throughout the semester and next year.

February Hours: 8