Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Halfway There

With the start of 2017 comes new classes, new opportunities, and new experiences. Everywhere I turn, those iconic shades of purple, green, and gold are displayed high above homes, restaurants, and buildings, as this city prepares for its most famous tradition. I can say without a doubt that I am both eager and ready to experience Mardi Gras, and looking forward to spending it with both new and old friends.

I have continued my volunteer work with KIPP Leadership Academy, as their second semester is in full swing just like ours. Continuing to build a strong relationship with the staff and students has been a wonderful experience. Our Tulane-KIPP “liaison”, Danielle, is even more of a die-hard Harry Potter fan than I am. With all that time spent in the operations office, I’d say a solid half of that time is spent quoting the movies or talking about upcoming developments in the wizarding world. My volunteer work continues to be an incredibly rewarding opportunity that I am glad I have taken advantage of.

I have also begun my thesis work in Dr. Katakam’s lab. Looking towards the upcoming months, I anticipate my schedule to continue to be busier than ever, but the entire lab is a well-oiled machine that continues to keep me motivated and driven. I thoroughly enjoy my project, and of course spending time with my cohort, the lovely Monica Dholakia.

As we continue throughout the semester, more updates are to come.  Seems like only yesterday that we arrived here in New Orleans, but I know that I, along with my classmates, will make the most out of the upcoming months for what has turned out to be an incredible experience so far.

Mardi Gras Countdown: 22 days
January Hours: 4